Beach Camping Checklist

This printable beach camping checklist is comprised of items that I have found over the years to be useful and worth taking along. 

beach camping checklist

Beach camping is different altogether from any other kind of camping. Camping alongside the wild ponies of Assateague Island adds additional challenges. Packing for a beach camping trip is stressful enough, without worrying about what to bring to pony-proof your campsite. 

This camping checklist is what I use for my family. It has evolved over many years of trials and tribulations. I hope that it will help you plan and pack for your Assateague vacation. 

Printable Beach Camping Checklist

This is not an exhaustive list. Clothing, toiletries, and children's items have not been included. 

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What Must-Have Item is on Your Beach Camping Checklist?

What item can you not live without while beach camping? What item makes your Assateague camping trip so much easier or more enjoyable that you wouldn't leave home without it?

Others' Must-Have Assateague Camping Items

Click below to see what others won't leave home without! Maybe you'll find some items to add to your own beach camping checklist!

Baby Powder 
A sprinkle of baby powder makes sand come off your skin easily!

Coffee Percolator 
I love brewing coffee through a percolator in the early morning as I watch the sun rise over the beach. I don't mind the extra brewing time as I'm on …

Paracord (550 cord) Not rated yet
I saw twine/rope was on the list. I know alot of people arent familiar with it. Its actually pretty cheap ($50 for 1000ft) and way stronger then anyone …

Click here to write your own.

What should you leave at home?

Most of the clothes you were planning on packing. I have found that I rarely use more than a few articles of clothing the entire week that I am camping. Take a nice outfit if you are planning on going out to dinner, and of course if you have other activities planned where specific attire is required. The rest of the time you will find that you live in beach clothes or your bathing suit. 

Gadgets and gizmos. I know, you need your iPad, your laptop, your smartphone, etc. Do your family a favor though and spend a minimal amount of time on these devices. You're going to have a hard time keeping them charged anyway, and data service is sketchy at best. Enjoy nature, spend time with your family, and break out the board games.

I'm not going to lie, I do take my computer and my smartphone. In all the years I have taken my computer, I have only used it to download pictures and record ideas for this website. I use my smartphone to keep tabs on my farm back home and to read e-books.

Because we don't spend a lot of time tethered to our various technological devices, we enjoy many long conversations that we would not have had otherwise. 

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