Assateague Camping
There's nothing like it!

Welcome to your own personal Assateague camping guide! We'll tell you where to camp, what to bring, and what to expect.

Camping on Assateague Island is the way we choose to spend our vacations each year. It's an affordable way to enjoy the beach and explore nature. There's just nothing like falling asleep each night under the stars to the sounds of crackling campfires, the ocean breeze, and waves breaking on the shore.

In our opinion, camping is the BEST way to enjoy everything the island has to offer.

My husband camping on Assateague Island as a child in 1983

Where to Camp

There are two campgrounds on Assateague Island, each offering a different, but equally enjoyable, camping experience. Both allow you to camp in a tent, pop-up camper, RV, or anything in between. Camping with dogs is permitted in designated areas (we always bring our dogs!).

Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateague State Park

What to Bring

Preparedness is the key to enjoying your Assateague camping experience. We've got your camping checklist and we'll tell you what's necessary, what's nice to have, and what you can leave at home.

We've upgraded a bit since my husband's childhood visits - our pop-up camper at sunset on Assateague Island in 2010

What to Expect

Beach camping isn't the same as camping in the woods on the mainland. Sand, the elements and ever-present wild ponies pose some unique challenges.

The good news is that you can learn from our mistakes (and ignorance).

Let us show you:

  • How to "pony-proof" your campsite and coolers to prevent damage by the inevitable invasion of wild Assateague ponies
  • The correct way to pitch a tent or screen house in the sand
  • How to keep mosquitos and other biting insects at bay (no pun intended)

What About Food?

Unless you only plan on a short stay (and I mean very short), you're going to need to feed your family something other than bagels, sandwiches and chips.

In my opinion (and I think my husband agrees with me), there's nothing tastier than a meal cooked over a campfire or breakfast infused with salty sea air.

But if you plan on going gourmet, you may want to think again. Camp cooking can be an adventure all by itself! It takes time and patience to cook a good meal when exposed to the elements…especially when your utensils keep blowing away.

Meal planning and organization before you embark on your camping trip is essential. This prevents food spoilage and will allow you to create delicious meals in a timely manner so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation…with a full belly.

You may wish to dine out for a couple of meals during the course of your Assateague camping trip. There are plenty of great places to eat just off the island or nearby at one of the countless Ocean City, Maryland restaurants. We'll show you some of our favorites as well as the best place to feast on the delectable Maryland blue crab!

Additional Resources

How to Make the Perfect Assateague Camping Reservation

Things to Do

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